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Caster & Wheel Hardware and Accessories | CasterHQ

Your casters may at some point need repair and/or replacement. CasterHQ supplies unique and hard-to-find caster hardware and accessories in the industry used to upgrade or repair your caster or equipment. Whether you are looking to enhance the maneuverability of your furniture or equipment, or need replacement caster wheels and parts for your existing casters, we have the perfect caster accessories to meet your requirements. From special axles, bearings, caster docks, sockets, and floor truck locks, we strive to provide you with a source to find everything you're looking for in one location.

Our caster hardware and accessories are designed with durability, functionality, and ease of use in mind. From heavy-duty industrial applications to everyday household use, our caster accessories and hardware are built to withstand the demands of various environments.

To ensure smooth and reliable performance, we offer a range of caster plate mounting hardware. These sturdy caster components provide secure attachment points, allowing you to easily install or replace your casters. Our brackets and plates are made from durable materials, providing long-lasting stability and support.

In addition to caster wheels and brackets, we also offer a range of accessories to enhance the functionality and versatility of your casters. From brake kits and caster locks to floor protectors and leveling pads, our caster accessories are designed to make your casters even more efficient and user-friendly.

At our caster company, we understand the importance of choosing the right caster hardware and accessories for your specific needs. That's why we offer a knowledgeable customer service team that can assist you in selecting the perfect products for your requirements. Whether you have questions about load capacities, compatibility, or installation, we are here to help.

Don't let immobility hinder your productivity or restrict your movements. Invest in CasterHQ's caster hardware and accessories to transform the functionality of your furniture and equipment. Browse our catalog and discover the perfect caster hardware and accessories for your needs today.

Questions? Please call us @ 844-439-4335 or Contact Us Here

For a quick online service please email us: and a Caster Expert will help you answer any questions.

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