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Premium Bumpers and Corner Protectors for Ultimate Safety

Elevate your safety game with CasterHQ's specially designed-bumpers and corner protectors. Our range, including the industry-leading L-shaped corner Bumper, tubing bumpers, end bumpers, and rolling bumpers, offers versatile protection for any setting. Perfect for shielding walls and equipment and ensuring the well-being of children and pets, our products stand out for their quality and durability.

Key Highlights:
  • L-Shape Corner Bumpers: Ideal for carts and high-traffic areas, these bumpers prevent wall damage and protect against sharp corners. Made from non-marking, steel-reinforced polyurethane, they offer robust protection with easy installation.
  • Tubing and End Bumpers: Custom-fit solutions for tubes, rails, and cart ends, providing soft, safe edges to prevent injuries and damage.
  • Rolling Bumpers: Designed for moving equipment, they minimize wall damage and enhance safety for passersby.

Stocked for immediate delivery from our Mansfield, TX, warehouse, we're ready to meet demands across all sectors. Our products are a hit in the cruise ship industry, trusted by giants like Royal Caribbean and Carnival, for their effectiveness in tight spaces and high-traffic environments.

Each product is crafted with a steel insert for rigidity, encased in durable polyurethane for longevity and aesthetics. Discover the difference with CasterHQ - where safety meets quality.

Our comprehensive bumper and corner protector solutions improve your environment's safety today. Designed to meet the highest standards, our products provide peace of mind in any application.



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