Swivel Locks

4-Position Bolt on Swivel Locks | Quickly Convert Swivel Casters to Rigid Anytime!

Swivel locks for Casters allow the user to quickly convert swivel casters from full mobility to rigid casters for straight-line tracking. If you require both full mobility that a swivel caster offers and the option for straight-line tracking that a rigid offers, a swivel lock is the perfect add-on to a swivel caster. A Swivel Lock allows the user to quickly alternate from a swivel caster to a rigid caster by a simple pull ring which engages a plunger into the swivel casters raceway notch preventing the caster from rotating and converting the caster into a rigid. When full mobility is required, simply pull the ring, and twist, and the plunger will retract from the caster and a full 360-degree swivel range will return.

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4-Position Swivel Lock for 2" Wide Casters | Convert Swivel Casters to Rigids Anytime 4-Position Swivel Lock for 2" Wide Casters

Bolt-On Swivel Lock

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