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Expanding Rubber Adapter Kits | CasterHQ

CasterHQ offers a wide variety of expandable rubber adapter kits for sale. All of these kits are easily adaptable for all casters that currently have an existing expanding rubber stem. Whether you need to replace a specific size or upgrade to a larger diameter adapter or smaller adapter, we have all industry-standard expanding rubber adapter kits in stock. Expanding rubber adapter kits consist of four parts, the first being a base washer, then a plastic spacer, the adapter itself, and finally, the neural nut that screws on top of the attaching stem of the caster to secure all of the parts. The neural nut works in two ways, it attaches the expanding adapter parts onto the stem, and at the same time, the further the neural nut is tightened, the more the rubber adapter expands for a better fitment into your tubing. Expandable Rubber Adapters range from 3/4" up to 1-3/4" in diameters to fit just about any tubing, cart, or equipment on the market.

These expanding rubber adapter kits are designed to fit a variety of caster stems and legs, making them highly compatible with different types of furniture and equipment. Whether you have chairs, tables, carts, or other mobile furniture in need of caster replacements, these expandable rubber adapter kits from our caster company can accommodate various diameters and styles.

The expanding rubber adapter kits are designed for easy installation, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly replace existing casters or add casters to furniture that originally did not have them. These kits with our caster hardware typically include inserts or sleeves that expand to fit securely onto the existing stem or leg, providing a stable and reliable attachment point for the casters.

These expanding rubber adapter kits are not limited to a specific type of furniture or equipment. Whether you have office chairs, racks, shelving units, or any other item that requires improved mobility, the expanding rubber adapter kits can provide the necessary attachment points for casters. This versatility makes them a convenient and cost-effective option for a variety of applications.

Whether you need to replace casters on existing furniture or add mobility to items without casters, these expanding rubber adapter kits provide a reliable and efficient option. Shop today!

For complete Expandable Rubber Adapter Casters, please see this link to choose the size and wheel option that will meet your caster needs.



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