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Axles and Nuts for all Caster Sizes | CasterHQ

Axles are an integral component of the caster to keep the wheel, bearing, and bushing rotating evenly without slop. CasterHQ only provides the highest quality, precisely machined axles to handle the abuse and load that casters demand daily while providing a perfect shaft for the wheels to ride on that helps provide an even smoother ride. We offer zinc-plated zerk axles as well as stainless steel zerk axles for your corrosive applications.

CasterHQ offers axles and nuts that are specifically designed to fit various caster sizes. Whether you have small casters for furniture or heavy-duty casters for industrial equipment, you can find the right size caster wheel axle and nut to ensure a perfect fit. This ensures that your casters operate smoothly and securely.

Over time, caster axles and nuts can become worn or damaged due to frequent use or exposure to harsh conditions. CasterHQ offers replacement caster wheel axles and nuts that are easy to install, allowing you to quickly and conveniently replace worn or damaged parts. This helps minimize downtime and ensures that your casters can get back to optimal performance as soon as possible.

Properly installed caster axle and nut assemblies provide the necessary stability and support for your casters. They ensure that the caster wheel remains securely attached to the mounting plate or bracket, preventing any wobbling or potential accidents. This is crucial for maintaining safe and reliable operation in various applications.

Shop caster wheel Axles from CasterHQ. All of our axles come with Zerk / Grease fittings for easy lubrication access points to your wheel bearings to help provide extended life to all of your casters and wheels. All of our Zerk Axles, including Zinc Plated and Stainless Steel, come with Lock Nuts to keep your equipment tightened for increased safety and durability! Shop Axles from CasterHQ for the highest quality axles and lowest prices online.

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