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Vintage Casters

Shop Custom Iron Casters & Iron Wheels from CasterHQ

Whether you are a Custom Designer or are involved in DIY projects (Do-it-yourself), CasterHQ offers a full line of Vintage Casters and Wheels for any piece furniture or project. We offer beautiful aesthetically pleasing casters that are also very functional and practical for any use. Our full line of Vintage Casters range from Cast Iron Wheels, Iron Casters, Steel Wheels, V-Groove Wheels, all available in both Black and Silver in both Swivel and Rigid Casters. CasterHQ's full line of Vintage Casters and Wheels are typically used on Refurbished Furniture, Mid-Century and Modern Furniture, Steampunk designed furniture, Custom Coffee Tables, Rustic Furniture, and Antique furniture. Convert your antique or custom furniture to a mobile and functional work of art with our custom vintage casters and wheels. Vintage Industrial Casters and Wheels work synergistically with any piece of furniture allowing you to make a bold and artistic statement which can change the look, feel, and design of any room or space.

Want to learn more about the history of Vintage Furniture, Casters, and Iron Wheels? Read our latest blog that goes in depth on Vintage Furniture, Steampunk Furniture, and Victorian Furniture that all use Vintage Industrial Casters and Iron Wheels to compliment any desired style or design whether it's for your home or business.

History of Vintage Furniture, Casters, & Iron Wheels

If you are a fabricator or custom furniture manufacturer or designer please feel free to contact us for special bulk pricing, you may qualify for special tax exemptions and completely free shipping based on your needs and demands for each project.

Shop the Highest quality Vintage Casters and Wheels by CasterHQ

History of Vintage Furniture, Casters, & Iron Wheels