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4x2 Heavy-Duty Swivel Caster Set of 4 with Semi-Steel Cast Iron Wheel, 2800lb Capacity by CasterHQ

Set of 4 Heavy-Duty 4x2 Swivel Casters: Unmatched Durability & 2,800 Lbs Total Load Capacity for Industrial Use

4x2 Heavy-Duty Swivel Caster Set with Semi-Steel Cast Iron Wheels - 2800lb Capacity Per Set | Industrial Mobility Solution - CasterHQ

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Product Description for 4x2 Heavy-Duty Swivel Caster Set - CasterHQ

4x2 Swivel Caster Set with Semi-Steel Cast Iron Wheels - 2800lb Capacity Per Set

Top-Quality Medium-Duty Series Casters

Step up your mobility game with our premium Medium Duty Series Casters. Designed for excellence and crafted for durability, these are our go-to solutions for medium-duty industrial requirements. Unbeatable in both quality and value, it's no wonder these are some of our best-selling casters.

Ultra-Strong Construction for Reliability

Made from 1/4" cold-rolled steel, these casters are not just built; they're engineered for top-notch performance. Each component, from Double Ball raceways to the 5/8" nut & king-pin, has been optimized for maximum durability and mobility. Choose between the rivet kingpin and kingpinless versions to match your specific needs.

Versatile Uses Across Industries

Whether it's carts, trucks, or equipment racks, these casters handle it all. Industries from warehousing to retail find these casters indispensable for medium-duty applications. They're especially popular in food processing, hospitality, and institutional settings.

  • Durable Material: Crafted from Semi-Steel and Cast Iron, providing a robust and cost-effective solution for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Smooth Rolling: Our hard tread is engineered for easy rolling and maximum resistance against wear and tear.
  • Precision Design: Experience a smoother ride thanks to the machined tread face and rounded edges, crafted for symmetry and balance.
  • Unmatched Hardness: With a Brinell hardness of 145, expect a caster that can withstand the test of time.
  • High Tensile Strength: Boasts a tensile strength of 30,000 PSI, fortifying its resilience.
  • Extreme Temperature Range: Built to function seamlessly from -45° F all the way up to 600° F.
  • Wheel Material: Premium Semi-Steel and Cast Iron for unmatched durability.
  • Wheel Diameter: A substantial 4" for enhanced mobility.
  • Tread Width: 2" for effortless rolling and stability.
  • Load Capacity: Robust 700 lbs per caster, with a total of 2,800 lbs for the set of 4.
  • Top Plate Size: Measures a secure 4" x 4-1/2".
  • Bolt Hole Spacing: Versatile 2-5/8” x 3-5/8”, slotted to 3" x 3".
  • Swivel Radius: Agile 3-1/4", expandable with specific brake options.
  • Wheel Durometer: Boasts a tensile strength of 30,000 PSI.
  • Mounting Bolt Size: Convenient 3/8" for quick installation.
  • Overall Height: A streamlined 5-5/8" for optimal space utilization.
  • Bearing Type: Features Roller Bearing for reduced wear and tear.
  • Wheel Color: Professional black finish for aesthetic appeal.
  • Temperature Range: Functions reliably from -45F to 600F.
  • Caster Bracket Material: Zinc Plated Steel for corrosion resistance.
  • Grease Zerk: Yes, facilitating easy lubrication.
  • Axle: Equipped with a Zerk Axle for long-term reliability.

4x2 Heavy-Duty Swivel Caster Set with Semi-Steel Cast Iron Wheels - 2800lb Capacity Per Set | Industrial Mobility Solution - CasterHQ



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