Popular Caster Categories

Caster Barn made it easy to find the type of Caster you are looking for, below we list the most popular Caster Categories which include Chair Casters, Furniture Casters, Stem Casters, Total Locking Casters, Stainless Steel Casters, High Temp Caster for Bakeries, Ovens, and Kitchens, Light Duty Casters, Medium Duty Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, Grip Ring Casters, Expandable Rubber Adapter Casters, and much more! For more applications visit our HOMEPAGE and look under the top left Menu labeled 'Top Caster Applications', here you will find more common Caster Applications, if for some reason you cannot find what your looking for please feel free to CONTACT US HERE and we will respond in a very timely manner; usually within the hour.

For any reason you can not find what your looking for please Contact Us for your specific product applications. We have stem, plate, stainless, pneumatic, rigid, and swivel casters. Our Wheel materials include polyurethane, cast iron, v-grooves, phenolic, nylon, steel, high temperature, and mold on rubber wheels. We have seen thousands of applications. Caster Barn can find the right caster for your needs.

Contact Us and put Caster Barn to work for you.