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Stem Casters

Shop Threaded Stem Casters, Grip Ring Stem Casters, and Expanding Rubber Adapter Casters

Here at Caster HQ, we know there are many different types of casters in a variety of attachments and sizes. Our goal is to provide you with a wide selection of the most popular stem casters available to fit your caster system. Find everything from threaded stem casters to grip ring casters, and even expanding rubber adaptable casters. If you’d like to know more about our casters, here is a brief guide to the most popular types and their common uses:

Threaded Stem Castersare affixed into a threaded insert, or by an attaching nut on the backside of the threaded rod. They are commonly used on retail displays, dollies, institutional carts, and lighter-duty equipment. We offer threaded stems in 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" sizes. We also take custom orders for unique sizes and threads.

Grip Ring Casters are designed to securely attach the caster to the mounting unit by fitting into a mounting hole or socket. The grip ring is a brass ring on the stem that compresses as it is pressed up into the mounting hole. This type of caster can be useful when you do not have the access needed to install a lock nut for a threaded caster.

Expanding Rubber Adapter Casters are basically threaded casters with an additional rubber grommet. This grommet can expand once placed inside a hollow tube or leg for a more secure fit.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please Contact Us. The items on our website are only 1/4 of what we actually stock. While our online store contains the most popular options, we have far more casters to choose from. If you need a special threaded stem size that you do not see on our website, let us know. We should be able to get you the exact threaded stem caster you need. Caster HQ only supplies the highest quality casters for a variety of uses.

Threaded Stem Casters are commonly used on Retail Displays, Dollies, Institutional Carts, and Lighter Duty Equipment. Caster Headquarters offers 5/16" Threaded Stems, 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4".

Questions? Please call us @ 844-439-4335 or Contact Us Here.

For quick online service, please email us: [email protected] and a Caster Expert will help you answer any questions.
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