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How To Measure a Stem

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How to Properly Measure a Stem for Casters

Guide to measuring Threaded Stem Casters, Grip Ring Stem Casters, and Rubber Adapter Stem Casters

Whether you're measuring a Threaded Stem, Grip Ring Stem, Rubber Adapter, or Tubing, This guide will teach you exactly how to measure a stem to help you choose the right Casters and Stem Size for your next project.

Measuring a Stem can be elementary with a few simple tools. The most popular way to measure a stem would be with a Tape Measure. To calculate the diameter of the stem, you will want to measure the stem from a horizontal angle which would be from one side of the stem to the other. To measure the length of the stem, you want to measure from the base of the stem to the very tip of the stem vertically.

Our photos below show how to correctly measure a stem with a tape measure. You can use the same method if you have a ruler.

When Measuring Stems on Casters, use the following checklist to determine the required specifications.
  • Stem Diameter: Measure the Stem Diameter first, as shown in the photos below.
  • Stem Length: Measure the Stem Length next from the base of the Stem to the end.
  • Talking Specs: When requesting or searching for a stem, you must understand the nomenclature and how to adequately describe the stem dimensions.
  • Understanding Stems: Whether you measure a Stem that is 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", or 1", you will need to know how to understand stem terminology.
  • Terminology: The Diameter of the Stem will always come first - Example: 1/2" x 1-1/2" Threaded Stem. The first '1/2' in the example refers to the stem diameter, and the second, ' 1-1/2" ', refers to the stem length. The example above is the industry standard when searching for a replacement caster. The diameter will always come first, and the length will be second.
Digital Caliper Method:

1/2" Threaded Stem Measured with a Digital Caliper

Tape Measure Method:

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