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THREADED STEM CASTERS - 3" thru 5" - up to 350 lbs

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Great for Food Service, Industrial, Hospital, Wood Working, Office, Institutional, and Laboratories!

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Stem casters are meant to be threaded into posts or wooden legs and secured with a lock nut and washer. We offer many sizes of threaded stem casters with multiple wheel material combinations such as a hard steel wheel to a soft thermoplastic rubber material to protect floors. We offer 1/2" stems, 3/8" stems, and 5/16" stems to name our popular diameter stem sizes. Threaded Stem Casters are a great way of converting your stationary unit or equipment into a mobile unit when you lack the space for a standard plate caster. Semi-Steel wheels are meant for smooth concrete floors and are easy to roll as long as they are able to swivel and roll without debris or obstacles on the floor. Thermoplastic Rubber wheels are great for rolling over debris, obstacles, and absorbing shock and vibrations. Thermoplastic rubber has slightly less weight capacity compared to a steel wheel but it is our most popular and commonly used caster in a broad variety of applications to protect floors and equipment. Polyurethane Wheels are highly resistant to chemicals and have a slightly harder tread surface compared to a thermoplastic rubber wheel.

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Want to protect your walls and equipment? Learn about our corner bumpers and why they are a must-have for any cart:

A great add-on for your carts or equipment is our corner bumpers. Corner bumpers are designed to install on any piece of equipment or cart that could potentially damage walls and to child-proof sharp corners to prevent potential damage to children or animals as well. Our Gray 1" Thick by 3" long sides corner bumpers are non-marking and steel reinforced. CasterHQ's gray corner bumpers must be drilled into your equipment using 5/16" screws. Each Corner Protector has two holes on each side, totaling four holes per bumper. This corner bumper is commonly added to carts to prevent wall damage while rolling through hallways, hospitals, cruise ships, or tight spaces. The corner bumper will help prevent the corner of the cart from damaging walls or scratching areas that need protection. This is a fantastic upgrade to any cart, platform truck, or equipment as a precautionary method for protecting walls. Some customers will use these corner bumpers on their tables, countertops, and household items to prevent toddlers from accidentally bumping their heads on potentially hazardous home areas to protect the little ones from getting hurt. There are numerous applications for corner bumpers. Add them to your order for added protection.

L Shape Corner Bumper Protector



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THREADED STEM CASTERS - 3" thru 5" - up to 350 lbs

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