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STEM MOUNT - 3" thru 5" - Multiple Threaded Stem Options

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Total Locking Stem Casters

Sizes 3" thru 5" - Capacities up to 350 lbs Per Caster

Total Locking Institutional Casters are perfect for any type of light to medium-duty caster application where the Caster must be completely stationary and immobile when the caster brake is engaged. CasterHQ's line of total lock Casters consists of a proprietary locking design that locks both the wheel and swivel bearing simultaneously. Our Total Lock brakes guarantee that the swivel caster will not turn or swivel when the wheel is locked. Total Lock Brakes are designed for safety applications that require the ability to transform your mobile equipment or cart into a completely stationary unit when needed. These casters are commonly used on table saws, medical equipment, worktables, and carts. All wheels offered with our total locking casters are non-marking polyurethane or non-marking thermoplastic rubber. Polyurethane wheels are great for loads sitting for longer periods of time because of the slightly harder tread surface. If you have small debris or require a quieter, shock-absorbing ride, consider our Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels. Thermoplastic Rubber wheels are great for rolling quietly due to the softer tread material. Polyurethane Wheels and Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheels are non-marking and chemically resistant, including acids, oils, greases, water, and cleaning chemicals. Thermo Plastic Rubber is softer, so do not leave the maximum load capacity on the cart for long periods, or the wheel material could flat spot. Generally speaking, the material will expand as you continue to roll, but the initial push to initiate the roll might be slightly more difficult than a harder polyurethane wheel.

Need a Top Plate Mount Caster Instead of the Stem?
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  • Total Locks: Combination of a Brake and Swivel Lock. It only takes one step to engage the brake, which securely locks the entire caster holding the equipment or cart. To release, simply step on the brake again, and the brakes will be released, which frees the swivel and wheel.
  • Swivel Caster Benefits: Our raceways have double ball bearings for a reliable, easy swivel action; all raceways are heat treated to maximize the life efficiency of the casters.

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Want to protect your walls and equipment? Learn about our corner bumpers and why they are a must-have for any cart:

A great add-on for your carts or equipment is our corner bumpers. Corner bumpers are designed to install on any piece of equipment or cart that could potentially damage walls and to child-proof sharp corners to prevent potential damage to children or animals as well. Our Gray 1" Thick by 3" long sides corner bumpers are non-marking and steel reinforced. CasterHQ's gray corner bumpers must be drilled into your equipment using 5/16" screws. Each Corner Protector has two holes on each side, totaling four holes per bumper. This corner bumper is commonly added to carts to prevent wall damage while rolling through hallways, hospitals, cruise ships, or tight spaces. The corner bumper will help prevent the corner of the cart from damaging walls or scratching areas that need protection. This is a fantastic upgrade to any cart, platform truck, or equipment as a precautionary method for protecting walls. Some customers will use these corner bumpers on their tables, countertops, and household items to prevent toddlers from accidentally bumping their heads on potentially hazardous home areas to protect the little ones from getting hurt. There are numerous applications for corner bumpers. Add them to your order for added protection.

L Shape Corner Bumper Protector



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STEM MOUNT - 3" thru 5" - Multiple Threaded Stem Options

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Shop Total Lock Casters from Caster HQ and have peace of mind knowing your buying a quality caster and wheel manufactured in a ISO:8001 Certified Facility with the highest quality control and standards in the industry. All of our products are backed by warranties because we stand behind the quality of our products.