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V-Groove Wheels: Your Ultimate Guide to Cast Iron and Ductile Iron V-Groove Wheels

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What are V-Groove Wheels?

V-groove wheels are uniquely designed for inverted angle iron tracks, offering an efficient way to move medium to heavy-duty carts and equipment. Discover the benefits of using Cast Iron and Ductile Iron V-Groove wheels for various applications.

How Do V-Groove Wheels Work?

Raised angle iron tracks elevate your equipment off the floor, making V-Groove Wheels the optimal choice for clean, unobstructed movement. This helps increase the longevity and performance of your carts, gates, or equipment.

Cast Iron Vs. Ductile Iron V-Groove Wheels

Cast Iron wheels are ideal for medium-duty applications, while Ductile Iron wheels provide added durability and can withstand higher impact and loads. Choose the best material based on your specific needs.

Safety Guidelines for Using V-Groove Wheels

Ensure tracks are level and parallel for safe operation. We recommend upgrading to taper bearings for heavy loads and following speed guidelines to prevent accidents.

Barn Door V-Groove Wheels

Our V-Groove Wheels are also perfect for barn door applications, featuring a standard groove width of 7/8" that fits most barn door tracks.

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Unlock Unbeatable Durability with Our V Groove Wheels

Experience the Difference: Our V Groove Wheels in Cast and Ductile Iron are specifically engineered to excel in a variety of applications, from angle iron tracks to barn doors.

Utilize our V Groove Wheels to make your carts and equipment more efficient and safe. These wheels are perfect for elevated, debris-free angle tracks, providing seamless movement for medium to heavy-duty applications.

For those seeking extra resilience and durability, our Ductile Iron V Groove Wheels are a game-changer. Experience superior tensile strength, impact resistance, and longevity compared to standard Cast Iron options.

Operational Guidelines: Maintain your V Groove Wheels' integrity by adhering to a speed limit of 3-MPH and ensuring your tracks are level and parallel.

In search of barn door solutions? Our V Groove Wheels are versatile, offering a 7/8" standard groove width compatible with most barn door tracks.

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