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How do I know what size casters I need?

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How do I know what size casters I need?

The Complete Guide to help you determine what Caster type you need for your cart, equipment, or furniture

Choosing the Right Caster Size: A Simple Guide by CasterHQ

Hey there, DIY enthusiasts and industry pros alike! Whether you're setting up a DIY mobile workstation or ensuring that a heavy machine rolls smoothly, the size of the caster is paramount. But how do you ensure you're picking the right one? No worries, CasterHQ has got your back. Let's dive in!

1. Consider the Load Weight

Divide and Conquer: Divide the total weight of your equipment (or furniture) by the number of casters you intend to use. If you have a 200-pound workbench and you're using 4 casters, each caster needs to support at least 50 pounds.

2. Don't Forget the 'Extra'

Always go a little above your calculated need. This gives you a safety buffer. If each caster needs to support 50 pounds, maybe go for one rated at 60-70 pounds. Better safe than stuck with a broken wheel!

3. Think Floor Conditions

For uneven or damaged floors, a larger diameter wheel may be best. They'll roll more easily over cracks or obstacles. Conversely, smoother floors are forgiving and can work well with smaller wheels.

4. Factor in Maneuverability

A smaller caster will allow for tighter turns, which might be essential if you're navigating through cramped spaces. On the other hand, larger wheels roll more smoothly over longer distances.

5. Height Matters

Consider the added height the caster will bring to your equipment. For something like a workbench, you wouldn't want it to end up too tall for comfortable use.

6. Take a Test Drive (Sort of)

If you're replacing old casters, note what you didn’t like about the old ones. Were they too small? Did they not roll smoothly? Using this as a reference can guide your next purchase.

7. Consult the Experts

At CasterHQ, we love chatting about casters (surprise, surprise!). If you're in doubt, reach out. We’ve seen it all and can help guide you to the perfect size.

Wrapping Up

While it might seem like a tiny detail, ensuring you have the right caster size can make a world of difference in usability and safety. So, measure, consider, and when in doubt, ask! After all, it’s not just about moving; it’s about moving right.

Happy rolling!

CasterHQ Team

One of the primary considerations for determining what Size of Casters you will need is the total load used by the cart, furniture, or equipment. This means you must find out how much the equipment can handle and the maximum weight you plan to add. Once you determine the total load, divide that amount by the number of casters you plan on using. Typically, most people will use four casters on most applications. For example, let's say a total load of your cart will weigh 2,000 lbs. You now need to divide 2,000 lbs by four casters, which equals the 500 lbs capacity needed per Caster.

Now that we have discussed determining the total load capacity needed per Caster, it's time for the next step.

  • Step #2: If there are currently casters installed, measure the overall mounting plate size. This will let you know which caster category you need to be in. The most common mounting plate sizes are 2-3/8" x 3-5/8" Overall, 4" x 4-1/2" Overall, 3-1/8" x 4-1/8" Overall, and on some more oversized casters, 4-1/2" x 6-1/4", and it goes up from there. If your casters do not have a plate and have a stem caster instead, find out if you have a Threaded Stem, Grip Ring Stem, or Expanding Rubber Adapter Stem.

  • Step #3: Now that you have determined the mounting type and size, find a wheel within that category based on your application. Use our Caster Wheel Application Guide to help you find the best wheel characteristics for your application.

  • Step #4: Now that you have found the best wheel type, it's time to determine whether the wheel has a load capacity that matches or exceeds what you need. Typically, the larger the wheel, the heavier the load capacity and the easier it is to roll.

  • Step #5: Hopefully, you have found the perfect Caster for your application by now. Add the quantity to your cart and proceed with the checkout process. CasterHQ ships the same or the next day, and all orders ship from our Texas warehouse.
    If you need help from the Caster Experts here at Caster Headquarters, contact us by phone toll-free at 1-844-439-4335 (844-HD-Wheel) Monday thru Friday between 8 am-5 pm (CST), LiveChat with one of our Caster Agents using the LiveChat below on the bottom right-hand side of our site, or email us your application information and questions at [email protected]. We will gladly get you the perfect Caster for your cart, furniture, or equipment! Thanks for visiting and reading our guide on determining what Size Caster you need!