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Standard | 52K Capacity up to 1500 lbs

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Hamilton's Series 52K Standard Duty Kingpinless Casters

Hamilton's Series 52K Standard Duty Kingpinless Casters

Experience the Durability and Efficiency: Introducing the Hamilton's Series 52K Kingpinless Casters, engineered for excellence. Offering unmatched durability for standard duty applications, these casters are your ultimate choice.

Series 52K Plate Size

Capacity Range: 300 – 1,500 lbs.

Key Features

  • Capacity Range: Built to accommodate loads ranging from 300 to 1,500 lbs, making them versatile for various tasks.
  • Kingpinless Design: The absence of a kingpin ensures greater durability and reduces the risk of breakdowns.
  • Optimal for E-commerce: With an increasing demand for efficient mobility solutions in warehouses, the Series 52K is tailored for e-commerce environments.

Designed with both quality and functionality in mind, the Hamilton's Series 52K stands out in the market. Whether you're running an e-commerce warehouse, a workshop, or any industrial setting, these casters guarantee performance and longevity.

Why Choose Hamilton's Series 52K?

With numerous options available, the Series 52K offers a competitive edge by combining innovative design with Hamilton's renowned craftsmanship. The kingpinless feature ensures reduced wear and tear, translating to fewer replacements and decreased downtime.

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