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Kingpinless | Capacity up to 17,500 lbs

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Hamilton Kingpinless Casters: Ultimate Heavy-Duty Mobility Solution

Hamilton Kingpinless Casters: The Perfect Blend of Durability and Performance

Experience the best in caster technology with the Hamilton Kingpinless Casters. Engineered to perfection, these casters eliminate the primary point of failure in a traditional swivel caster – the kingpin. By doing so, they ensure unmatched durability, especially under extreme load conditions.

With Hamilton's Kingpinless design, users benefit from a smoother swiveling mechanism, reduced wear and tear, and prolonged caster life. The impeccable design also ensures better weight distribution, reducing the chances of a flat spot due to continuous stationary positioning.

Whether you're moving heavy machinery or ensuring the mobility of high-load platforms, the Hamilton Kingpinless Casters are your ultimate choice for reliability and performance. Make the switch today and experience a new standard of caster mobility.



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