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Standard 52K Hamilton Caster Series with Ergo-Glide XT Wheels

Standard 52K Hamilton Caster Series with Ergo-Glide XT Wheels

Introducing the Standard 52K Hamilton Caster Series, your best companion for efficient, ergonomic, and durable mobility solutions. Tailored for both industrial and e-commerce environments, these casters are designed to handle heavy loads without compromising on smoothness.

Ergo-Glide XT Wheels - The Mark of Excellence

Our Ergo-Glide XT Wheels set the standard for flawless performance. Meticulously engineered to reduce friction, extend lifespan, and promote effortless movement, these wheels elevate the capabilities of the Hamilton Caster Series.


  • High Load Capacity: Designed to sustain heavy-duty applications and prolonged usage.
  • Smooth Operation: With Ergo-Glide XT Wheels, experience the silky glide that's gentle on surfaces.
  • Durability: Constructed using industry-leading materials that withstand challenging environments.

Whether you're outfitting a warehouse, upgrading your e-commerce fulfillment center, or need reliable mobility solutions, the Standard 52K Hamilton Caster Series with Ergo-Glide XT Wheels is the top choice of industry professionals.

Invest in the Best: Hamilton's Tradition of Quality

For years, Hamilton has been synonymous with trust, excellence, and unmatched performance. With every product, we strive to deliver the very best to our valued clientele. The 52K series is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Looking to upgrade your mobility solutions? Make a move towards excellence with the Standard 52K Hamilton Caster Series. Order yours today!



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W/ Ergo-Glide XT Wheels