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Heavy Duty Casters

High Capacity Casters over 40,000 lbs Per Caster!

Heavy Duty Casters fall into many different categories in the Caster and Wheel industry. There is usually an industry standard weight capacity range for casters and wheels to determine their weight classification. Anything over 1,250 lbs capacity per caster would be considered a Heavy Duty Caster. There are numerous categories that all fall into the Heavy Duty Caster category based on your weight capacity requirements. The weight capacities for heavy-duty casters can range from, 1,500 lbs, 3,000 lbs, 5,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs, 15,000 lbs, and 20,000+ lbs. Each capacity range is a different Caster Series that has different characteristics including sizes, wheel material options, and mounting plate sizes.

The most common Caster Series we sell that would be considered a Heavy Duty Caster would start at our 1,500 lbs weight capacity range. This is a good caster series to consider when your total weight capacity for 4 casters needs no more than 6,000 lbs capacity. We consider this series our Medium to Heavy Duty Caster Series. The next size up would be our Kingpinless Caster series that has capacities up to 2,000 lbs per caster or 8,000 lbs for a set of 4 casters. Kingpinless Casters are always considered heavy duty casters due to their construction. Kingpinless Casters are manufactured to take more abuse than a standard Kingpin Caster by eliminating and upgrading parts that are known to weaken over time due to abusive caster applications. If you want to read more about our Kingpinless Casters please visit our Kingpinless Section Here.

If you are looking for a caster that is meant to be manually pushed but can also withstand capacities up to 2,000 lbs per caster you might want to consider our Maintenance Free Dual Wheel Casters. These Casters are considered Heavy Duty but are designed to reduce the push/pull force required to move your cart or equipment. These are great for manually ushed applications to help prevent injury and workers comp claims and also reduce strains on electric tuggers. These casters are a great option for superior performance while maintaining heavy load capacities.

Caster Headquarters also offers Extreme Duty Casters that hold over 20,000 lbs per caster. These are special products and are custom manufactured. Please contact us directly for a quote and lead time.

Whether your application requires a caster to support a few thousand pounds or tens of thousands of pounds, Caster Headquarters has what you're looking for. Call us at 844-439-4335 (844-HD-Wheel), email us, or chat with us live for immediate assistance.

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