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Dual Wheel Casters | CasterHQ

Maintenance Free Dual Wheel Casters | State of the Art Design to Reduce Push / Pull Force

When it comes to optimizing mobility and stability for your equipment, dual wheel casters from CasterHQ are an excellent choice. These specialized double wheel casters offer unique advantages over traditional single-wheel casters, making them ideal for a variety of applications. CasterHQ offers two different industrial Dual Wheel Casters and Wheels that are superior to any other dual-wheel caster on the market.

We offer two different dual wheel caster series to choose from. Our Heavy Duty Kingpinless version is made from Hot Forged ASTM 1045 Steel which can withstand up to 2,000 lbs per caster. The kingpinless version is often used on Heavy Machinery, Military, Fabrication, Towlines, and Automotive equipment. The Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters will deliver.

The other series we offer is known as a Maintenance Free Dual Wheel Caster. Very similar to the kingpinless but made with thrust ball bearings in the raceway to allow the easiest push/pull force for easy maneuverability. The Maintenance Free version is Chrome Plated for additional protection and resistance to Rust and a very bright and stylish look.

The Maintenance Free Casters also offer a weight capacity of up to 2,000 lbs per caster but offer a longer lifespan of the caster due to the thrust ball bearings in the raceway allowing a lower resistance coefficient all working together to reduce friction and allowing the end-user or electric tugger to move this dual-wheel caster with the reduced force for increased productivity and safety.

The maintenance-free casters will help reduce workers comp claims if used in a manual pushed application compared to a standard caster.

The advantages of double wheel casters include:

  • Improved Weight Distribution and Load Capacity: ability to distribute weight more evenly

  • Enhanced Maneuverability and Versatility: ability to swivel and rotate effortlessly

  • Stability: reduces the risk of tipping or wobbling during movement

  • Floor Protection: The wheels are constructed from materials that are gentle on various flooring surfaces

CasterHQ offers a wide selection of dual wheel casters in various load capacities, ensuring that you can find the right option to suit your specific needs. Whether you're moving furniture, machinery, or other heavy objects, dual wheel casters will provide the stability and strength required for a smooth and secure transportation process.

When you partner with our caster company, you'll experience the benefits of double wheel casters. Our wide range of options, exceptional quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us a reliable partner in enhancing the mobility and stability of your equipment.

Dual Wheel Casters and Wheels are seen in many industrial applications including; Automotive Manufacturing Plants, Tug Carts, Industrial Warehouses, Institutional, Machinery Fabrication, and Tow Line applications to name a few. Shop CasterHQ's dual casters today!

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