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W/ BLACK HARD RUBBER WHEELS - Plate Size: 2-3/8" x 3-5/8"

Home > STAINLESS CASTERS > Top Plate Mount > Capacity to 350 lbs. - 3" thru 5" Wheels > W/ BLACK HARD RUBBER WHEELS - Plate Size: 2-3/8" x 3-5/8"
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Stainless Steel Swivel and Rigid Casters with Black Hard Rubber Wheels

Find Stainless Steel Casters in both a swivel caster or rigid caster combined with Black Hard Rubber Wheels. Hard Rubber wheels are great for light duty applications and offer a great impact resistance but not as good as soft rubber wheels for absorbing shock. These Hard Rubber wheels have a nylon sleeve in the middle of the wheel. These hard rubber wheels are great for displays, food service applications, or general duty storage and racks. Hard Rubber wheels will not flat spot compared to a soft rubber wheel. These have a temperature range from -40F - 160F and hold a maximum weight capacity of 325 lbs per wheel depending on the size. The Durometer of this wheel is 60 (+/-5) Shore D.
• All metal parts are 100% 304 Stainless Steel.
• Stainless Steel extends service life & offers resistance against rust & corrosion.
• Casters are autoclavable when used with applicable wheels.
• Double ball raceways offer improved swiveling action and durability.
• Fork and leg assembly designed and formed for maximum durability and long term service.
• Optional hollow kingpin offers 8 additional hard to find stem fasteners.
• Large selection of wheels & options to choose from.
• 3/8” Axle & nut.
• Economically priced.
• Exceptional availability = quick deliveries.
• NSF Listed.

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