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Polyurethane on Steel (Metric Bore)

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Polyurethane Drive Wheels - Metric Bore Sizes | CasterHQ

Sizes: 4" to 10" Diameter Keyed Drive Wheels

Quality, Durability, and Precision

Made in the USA, CasterHQ's Drive Wheels are tailored for Mobile and Automated Equipment, Powered Equipment, Towing, Heavy Lifts, and even Conveyors. Choose between Polyurethane on Steel Wheels or Rubber on Steel Wheels based on your specific needs.

Custom Solutions & Rebonding Services

Need a specific bore size or a wheel re-tread? No worries! We offer replacement Drive Wheels tailored to most bore sizes. Moreover, for those specialized wheels that aren't readily available, especially the larger and pricier ones, our in-house wheel re-bonding services breathe new life into them.

Made in the USA & Lead Time

Our Keyed Drive Wheels are proudly manufactured in the USA. Since each Drive Wheel is custom-made upon order, the standard lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks post-order.

Got Questions?

Dial us at 844-439-4335 or email our experts for swift online assistance.



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Why CasterHQ's Polyurethane Drive Wheels Stand Out

Precision Meets Durability

Dive into the world of premium-grade drive wheels, ideal for a spectrum of applications from Mobile and Automated Equipment to Heavy Lifts. Our Polyurethane Drive Wheels guarantee long-lasting performance.

Custom Solutions Just For You

Whether you're in search of a unique bore size or keen on re-treading an old wheel, CasterHQ is your go-to hub. We specialize in custom solutions, ensuring your equipment gets the best fit, always.

Timely Delivery, Every Time

As each Drive Wheel is bespoke to your requirements, anticipate a lead time of 2-3 weeks. Rest assured, quality and precision are worth the wait.