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Quality Keyed Drive Wheels at Unbeatable Prices

Made in the USA | Custom Sizing Available

Are you looking for industrial drive wheels with a secure fit and exceptional performance? CasterHQ offers keyed drive wheels with keyways or setscrews to ensure a tight fit on any shaft. Ideal for machinery, assembly lines, and various other applications.

Keyway wheels are custom-made to order and non-returnable.

Advantages of Using Our Keyed Drive Wheels

Engineered to withstand demanding industrial environments, our keyed drive wheels are crafted from premium materials like polyurethane and rubber. Experience top-notch durability and zero wheel slippage for better control and precision.

Technical Specifications: Size and Material Options

Our keyed drive wheels come in various hub diameters and keyway dimensions. Whether you prefer Cast Iron, Ductile, or Steel Centers, our options have you covered. Please note that aluminum options are available for lighter-duty applications.

Contact Our Caster Experts for Guidance

Have questions about keyway dimensions or custom sizing? Call us at 844-439-4335 or email [email protected]. Our experts are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST)

Due to a wide array of keyway and wheel size options, we manufacture drive wheels per order. The typical lead time is 2-3 weeks from the order date.

Please visit our website today for further information and to shop the best drive wheels online.



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More About Our Top-Quality Keyed Drive Wheels

Key Features You'll Love

Our Keyed Drive Wheels feature premium materials like Cast Iron, Ductile, and Steel Centers for exceptional strength. Experience zero wheel slippage thanks to the keyway mechanism, ensuring unparalleled control and precision.

Sizing and Customization Options

Whether your project demands standard or metric keyways, we have you covered. Note that aluminum is also available for lighter-duty applications. Please specify your required shaft size, keyway width, and depth when ordering.

Built to Last

Our keyed drive wheels are engineered to withstand demanding industrial applications. The robust construction ensures long-term reliability, meaning your investment is built to last.

Unmatched Customer Support

Have questions? Reach out to our caster experts at 844-439-4335 or email us at [email protected] for personalized guidance.

We manufacture these drive wheels per order to offer you the most customization options. Expect a lead time of 2-3 weeks for shipping after placing your order.

Don’t miss out on top-grade keyed drive wheels! Visit our website today to explore the full range.