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Pneumatic Casters | CasterHQ

Capacities Ranging from 250 lbs to 350 lbs - Sizes: 8" thru 10" Wheel Diameters

When it comes to transporting heavy loads or navigating rough and uneven surfaces, pneumatic casters from CasterHQ are the ideal solution. These specialized casters feature air-filled tires that provide a cushioned ride, absorbing shocks and vibrations to ensure smooth and reliable mobility.

Pneumatic Casters and Standard Pneumatic Wheels are typically air-filled but provide the best ride when comparing a foam-filled tire. Air-filled pneumatic wheels require more maintenance than foam filled but will roll much easier, absorb more shock, and roll over gravel, dirt, grass, and obstacles much easier.

Foam-filled wheels are filled with microcellular polyurethane foam; these wheels do not require maintenance, but they are not meant to sit for long periods of time with weight, or they will eventually flat spot once the foam sets into the wheel.

The foam-filled wheels look identical to the pneumatic and perform very close, but if performance is the requirement, I would choose the air-filled pneumatic over the foam-filled and flat-free tire.

If you are looking to replace a dolly or a hand truck, you will most likely need an 8" or 10" size with a 5/8" ID Ball Bearing, and the wheels are normally an Offset Hub. If you are replacing a wheelbarrow, these typically come with a 3/4" ID bearing. If you need replacements for casters, these wheels have a Centered Hub and normally be 1/2" ID.

Caster HQ's pneumatic casters are air-filled pneumatic wheels. Air-filled pneumatic caster wheels provide a shock-absorbing, cushioned ride with quiet operation.

Incorporating pneumatic casters from our caster company into your material handling processes can transform the way you move heavy loads and navigate uneven terrain. With their exceptional shock absorption, easy maneuverability, floor protection, and long-lasting durability, pneumatic casters are the optimal choice for applications that demand reliable and smooth mobility.

CasterHQ offers a wide range of pneumatic casters suitable for different load capacities and application requirements. Whether you're operating in a warehouse, construction site, or event venue, our selection of pneumatic casters ensures that you'll find the perfect option for easy maneuverability, regardless of the terrain or conditions.

In addition, pneumatic casters from our caster company also prioritize floor protection. The air-filled tires distribute the weight of the load evenly, preventing excessive pressure on any specific area of the floor. This reduces the risk of floor damage, including scratches, marks, or indentations, especially on delicate surfaces like hardwood, tile, or polished concrete.

Experience the benefits of pneumatic casters by choosing CasterHQ as your trusted provider. Our wide range of options and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the go-to source for pneumatic casters that will enhance your material handling operations. Contact our team, and browse online today!

Need more weight capacity but still need the cushioned ride of an Air Filled Pneumatic Caster?

Alternative to Pneumatics:

Foam Filled Pneumatic Casters
or our Pneumatic Caster Alternative. Please contact us for a recommendation if you need pneumatic casters to be moved with mechanically powered equipment.

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