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Standard Duty Foam Filled | 6" thru 10" | up to 280 lbs

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Flat Free Casters and Wheels

Eliminate Maintenance compared to a Air Filled Pneumatic Caster and Wheel - Flat Free Foam Filled Tires never go flat and require zero maintenance!

We recommend you wait to drill your Mounting Holes Until after you receive your Casters

Plate Size: 4" x 4-1/2"
3-1/4" X 2" Inch Rigid Caster - Phenolic Wheel - 700 Lbs Capacity
Foam Filled Pneumatic Wheels have ZERO air in the tires which eliminates the potential of the wheels going flat like a standard Air Filled Pneumatic Tire typically does over time. Foam Filled Wheels do not have they same resilience as an Air Filled Pneumatic tire. These Industrial Flat Free Casters are designed for manually operated applications and should not be used on electric tuggers or at high speeds. Foam Filled Pneumatic Wheels provide the same great traction as a Air Filled tire due to the wide foot print these wheels offer which allows them to roll on grass, debris, dirt, gravel, small rocks, and concrete with ease.

These Industrial Flat Free Casters are a great alternative to an Air filled Pneumatic Tire. Flat Free Casters do not require the constant maintenance that an Air Filled Caster requires since Flat Free Tires do not require Air pressure to stay inflated. Our Flat Free Wheels are filled with a micro-cellular polyurethane foam to provide a soft cushioned ride combined with the wide foot print and tread width that a pneumatic caster offers for easily roll-ability on all outdoor terrains such as grass, fields, dirt, gravel, and parking lots. Flat Free Casters are slightly more expensive compared to a Pneumatic Air Filled Caster but less maintenance overtime. When using a set of four flat free like one would normally use on most standard carts and equipment, please be sure to use the recommend weight capacity of three casters instead of four casters if these plan on being parked for long periods of time to prevent flat spotting. Flat Spotting can occur on Flat Free Casters due to the soft foam that is used to provide the cushioned type ride and benefits that these wheels are known to offer. Flat Free Casters are commonly used on Band Equipment Carts for the Music Education Industries such as high school and college bands which use percussion frames, racks, and carts. These are great replacement casters and wheels for Marching Band Carts such as Titan Carts, Rock-N-Roller Carts, Band Shoppe Carts, Jarvis System Carts, DSI Equipment Carts, StageRight Carts, American Band, Marching USA, BCS Carts, and dozens more Band Carts and Equipment.

Need more weight capacity but still need the cushioned ride of an Air Filled Pneumatic Caster?

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Air Filled Casters - up to 7,600 lbs Capacity Per Caster

Dual Wheel Heavy Duty Pneumatic Air Filled Casters - up to 7,600 lbs Capacity Per Caster

• Wheels are made from closed cell Micro-cellular polyurethanefoam and offer the same advantages of as a pneumatic tirewithout the possibility of leaking air out.
• Provides shock load protection and a smooth cushioned ride,rolling easily over debris and small obstacles.
• Wide, soft tread face is ideal for rolling on grass, sand, dirt, etc.
• Both black and gray wheels are non-marking.
• Available with precision bearings that offer maximum roll-abilityand are maintenance free.
• Saw-tooth tread design offers both traction and maneuverability.
• Perfect for hand trucks, dollies, carts & mobile equipment

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