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1/2" Threaded Stem Casters with Phenolic Wheels

This product page offers our 1/2" Diameter Threaded Stem Casters with an easy rolling Phenolic Wheel. Phenolic resin wheels are mixed with macerated canvas and other compressed materials; These wheels are molded under high pressure and temperature. Phenolic caster wheels are recommended for smooth concrete floors and can be used for storage loads without permanent compression set to the wheel. These phenolic wheels are highly resistant to oil, grease, gasoline, and mild acids. Phenolic caster wheels will carry loads as great as the same size Gray Iron Wheel Casters. The wheel tread may show wear from repeated travel over rough floor surfaces. Phenolic Wheel Casters are one of the most commonly used casters due to the inexpensive costs high weight capacities and durability these types of wheels offer. Suppose you're looking for a true heavy-duty caster that won't break the budget. Buy phenolic wheel casters from CasterHQ. Phenolic Casters are used in many industries and applications due to their durability and strength. These wheels can hold large amounts of weight, do not tear up concrete floors, and have no flat spots. Phenolic wheels perform best on smooth surfaces due to the wheel's hardness. Phenolic wheels do not perform well on uneven floors with chipped concrete or obstacles in the wheels' path. Phenolic Wheels should NOT be exposed to water. The material of phenolic wheels will eventually swell, and the wheel could fall apart over time if exposed to water. These should be used in clean, dry environments such as warehouses, garages, buildings, retail stores, and anywhere that has clean, dry floors. I would not recommend Phenolic floors on custom wood floors as these could leave slight indentions if the weight of the cart is too heavy since real hardwood is a naturally softer and more expensive floor type.

• Phenolic resin mixed with macerated canvas; creates a high capacity, high impact resistant wheel with many years of proven reliability in the industry.
• Hard tread rolls easily, provides good concrete floor protection and is quieter than steel wheels.
• Resistant to oil, grease & solvents, non-metallic & non-sparking.
• Economically priced wheel.
• Durometer: 90 Shore D (+/-5).
• Temperature range: -50° F to 250° F



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