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W/ DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels

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Hamilton HS2 DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels | Heavy-Duty Industrial Wheels

Hamilton Heavy Service Dual HS2 with DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels

Introducing the Hamilton Heavy Service Dual | HS2, meticulously designed to redefine heavy-duty performance in industrial settings. Engineered with the cutting-edge DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheel technology, our product ensures seamless, efficient movement while promising longevity even in the most demanding environments.


  • Robust Design: Crafted to support large-scale tasks, the Hamilton HS2 dual configuration ensures maximum weight distribution and stability.
  • DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels: Experience smoother glides with reduced resistance, guaranteeing less wear on your floors and increased wheel lifespan.
  • Optimal Performance: Ideal for industrial settings, our HS2 range is optimized for heavy loads and continuous use.

Why Choose Hamilton HS2 with DuraGlide?

At the crossroads of innovation and reliability, the Hamilton Heavy Service Dual HS2 stands out as the preferred choice for professionals in the industrial sector. With its unmatched durability and the added advantage of DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels, challenges become routine tasks. Upgrade your heavy-duty operations and experience the Hamilton difference today.



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W/ DuraGlide Polyurethane Wheels