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Reduce Push/Pull Force on your Carts by up to 70%+ with the perfect Ergonomic Casters

Rolling Carts come in a wide variety of designs and functions. The most important part of a Cart is the performance, ergonomics, and mobility to allow an effortless initiation, roll-ability, and maneuverability for the user. Most Cart manufacturers often overlook the importance of Ergonomic Caster and Wheels used on the Cart. Each Cart is made for a specific purpose and application. Home Depot and Lowes have multiple carts such as Lumber Carts, Double Decker Carts, Sheetrock Carts, and Platform Trucks which are Flat Carts that are low to the ground to allow the ability to load heavy items without the need to lift heavy items very high off the ground in order to reduce back strain. Majority of Cart Manufacturers are in the business to manufacture and sell carts in bulk and cut costs as much as possible and they are not in the ergonomic business. Many manufacturing plants that use carts in their daily operations are always looking to reduce push/pull force and increase ergonomics which helps them reduce workers comp claims from employees who get hurt while trying to move a fully loaded cart. A Government study found here done by SSA.GOV had over 135.6 million worker comp claims in the USA costing over $7.6 Trillion Dollars. Workers comp claims not only cost trillions of dollars per year but they are a large cause of business closures due to major lawsuits filed each year. Large volumes of worker comp claims are filed annually within many industrial businesses where intensive manual labor is very common. Industrial corporations such as Automotive Manufacturing Plants as well as OEM (Original Equipment manufacturers) such as General Electric use Industrial Carts in their daily operations where workers are pushing fully loaded carts that can weigh thousands of pounds. In order to reduce push/pull it is highly recommended that an ergonomic caster is used on these carts in daily operations. An ergonomic caster can reduce push/pull force by upwards of 30-70% all depending on the environment, floor material, wheel material, and caster setup.
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