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Ultralast Wheels Series TR: Unmatched Performance & Durability

Engineered for Perfection | 900-1500 lbs Capacity Range

Off The Chart Performance

Dive into exceptional thermal retention and rollability with Hamilton's Ultralast Wheels Series TR. Say goodbye to heat buildup and material breakdown, owing to the advanced Ultralast polyurethane technology that guarantees cooler operations even under heavy loads and high speeds.

Longer Service Life

With Ultralast's superior dynamic performance, enjoy an extended service life, ensuring maximal return on your investment. Specifically crafted for continuous duty applications, these wheels guarantee consistent optimal performance.

Why Choose Ultralast Wheels Series TR?

Boasting a high capacity, perfect for handling loads of 900 – 1500 lbs., and enhanced by minimized heat buildup and advanced rollability, Ultralast ensures efficiency and productivity in every use. The Ultralast technology guarantees a longer lifespan, offering unmatched value.