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6" Wheels

Ultralast Wheels Series TR – Unmatched Performance & Durability

Capacity Range: 900 – 1500 lbs | Premium Quality & Durability

Exceptional Thermal Retention & Rollability

Equip your industrial operations with Hamilton's Ultralast Wheels, featuring advanced urethane technology for superior performance. These wheels operate cooler under load and at higher speeds, eliminating common issues of heat buildup and material breakdown.

Extended Service Life & Enhanced Performance

The Ultralast Wheels Series TR is engineered for a longer service life and optimal dynamic performance. The wheels' cutting-edge design reduces the need for frequent maintenance and replacements, ensuring cost-effective operations.

Key Features & Benefits

With a capacity range of 900 - 1500 lbs, the Ultralast Wheels are suitable for a variety of industrial applications. The wheels are designed with top-performing urethane for enhanced durability, exceptional thermal retention, and superior rollability, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.