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4-Inch Total Locking Plate Casters with Phenolic Wheels

This page covers our 4" (Four Inch) Total Lock Plate Casters with a Phenolic Wheel. Total Lock Casters are the best casters to make your cart or equipment completely stationary by locking the swivel raceway and the wheels simultaneously with the push of one pedal. Our total locking casters are high-quality industrial casters. They have a heavy-duty double ball-bearing raceway; full dust covers to protect the ball bearings from debris, and a metal pedal that allows you to engage and disengage the brake quickly and easily. The wheels on this listing are Phenolic Wheels made here in the USA. Phenolic Wheels are fantastic for heavy loads and even static loads, including storage, because the wheels will not flat spot like some softer wheels tend to do overtime with heavy loads. Phenolic Wheels are a very hard durometer, so these are best used on smooth concrete floors with no debris. These wheels roll exceptionally easily and are impact resistant. These wheels resist chemicals, solvents, and oils but should not be exposed to too many washdown applications or water. Phenolic Wheels are best used indoors in warehouses, storage units, and garages. These wheels offer a high weight capacity and are used in many applications and industries.


3" X 1.25" Thermo Plastic Rubber Caster Set of 4 - 2 Swivel & 2 Rigid Casters - 900 lbs Capacity Per Set



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