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Solid Polyurethane Wheels: Ultimate Strength in a Compact Size

Dive into the world of solid polyurethane wheels that combine unmatched resilience with sleek design.

4" Diameters: Perfect Blend of Power & Size

Ideal for a myriad of applications, these wheels, with their 4-inch diameter, ensure ease of movement while being able to bear heavy loads.

Up to 750 lbs Capacity: Carry with Confidence

Never compromise on the load. With a staggering capacity of up to 750 lbs, our polyurethane wheels promise dependability when you need it most.

Enhance your equipment's mobility with CasterHQ’s premium wheels. Shop now to experience unmatched durability and efficiency.

CasterHQ's 4" Blue Solid Polyurethane Wheels: The Ultimate in Performance & Durability

Built with precision, our Solid Polyurethane Wheels are designed for both longevity and high performance. Say goodbye to tread separation with our one-piece design, ensuring resilience in wet and corrosive environments. Plus, leave no marks behind on floors.

Engineered to combat challenges, these wheels effortlessly resist most chemicals from acids to bleach. They're ideal for cleanroom environments or wash-down applications, keeping the harshness at bay.

Customize with a variety of bearing choices from Delrin to Stainless Steel, tailoring to your unique needs. Suited for temperatures from -40° to 180° Fahrenheit, these wheels are versatile across conditions.

Favored in food processing environments, our Solid Polyurethane wheel stands out as 100% washable. With capabilities like steam cleaning and resistance against common contaminants, this wheel ensures no bonding failures and offers optimal abrasion resistance.

Wheel Hardness: 60-65 Durometer Shore D
Temperature Range: -20° to 180° F
Color: Blue
Bearing Choices: Available in Standard Roller or Stainless Steel variants.

Have questions? Reach out to us at 844-439-4335 or [email protected]. Ordering before 12-noon? Expect your wheels to ship the SAME DAY!



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Discover the fusion of efficiency and longevity with CasterHQ's 4" Blue Solid Polyurethane Wheels. Engineered for optimal performance, these wheels champion in resilience and adaptability.

Tread separation? A thing of the past. Our wheels, molded from a single solid piece, promise an uncompromised user experience. They not only stand up to corrosive environments but also ensure no marking on floors.

A true champion in chemical resistance, they defy most acids, bleaches, and other aggressive chemicals. Their unmatched prowess makes them a top pick for cleanroom and wash-down applications.

From freezing -40° to a sweltering 180° Fahrenheit, these wheels adapt smoothly. Plus, customize them with a range of bearing options, from Delrin to Stainless Steel.

Intrigued? Let our experts guide you further. Contact us at 844-439-4335 or drop us an email at [email protected].