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4 Inch

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4 Inch Orange Sirius Heavy Duty Donut Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheel - Swivel Casters - Plate Size: 4"x4-1/2"

4" x 2" Orange Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels - Swivel & Rigid Casters - Automotive Casters

Plate Size: 4" x 4-1/2"
3-1/4" X 2" Inch Rigid Caster - Phenolic Wheel - 700 Lbs Capacity

4 Inch (4" x 2") CasterHQ's Sirius HD Poly on Aluminum Wheels are used in many applications where the casters and wheels are exposed to water or chemicals. Aluminum is resistant to rust and provides a very strong core for the liquid cast polyurethane tread. Polyurethane on Aluminum wheels are used in Food Processing Equipment, Food Service, Hospitals, Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Bakeries, Schools, Institutional, and industrial applications and environments. Polyurethane is a non-marking tire which are much easier to roll compared to a softer rubber wheel. Polyurethane on Aluminum wheels are great for wash down applications and wet, corrosive environments.These are great wheels as long as they are not abused, over-loaded, or used in high impact shock load applications. Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels are much lighter in weight but have a high weight capacity. We offer multiple polyurethane tread durometers (hardness) for different applications depending on your floor type and use. We offer flat tread and crown treads with multiple bearing options. If you need a application recommendation please contact us for expert advice.
  • High Grade Polyurethane Treads
  • 85 Shore A Durometer Tread Deflects Debris
  • Non-Marking and Rolls Effortlessly
  • Unmatched load capacities in its class
  • Ideal for towline applications
  • Multi-Year Tread Durability
  • Effortlessly Rolling using larer 6205 Sealed Precision Ball Bearings
  • Ergonomic Wheel used in Automotive Plants
  • Reduces Push / Pull Force by 30-60%
  • Reduces worker comp claims

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