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Series AR Vulcalite Wheels: High Capacity & Quality

Capacities 350-500 lbs | Non-Marking & High Rollability

Optimized Performance & Durability

Series AR Vulcalite wheels offer a perfect blend of durability and performance, with a 350-500 lbs capacity range. These wheels feature gray non-marking tires, vulcanized to a robust aluminum center for enhanced strength.

Innovative Design & Material Composition

The solid rubber tires boast a 70 Durometer hardness (±5, Shore A), ensuring resilience and longevity. The unique gray compound not only protects floors from marks but also provides excellent 'bounce' properties for improved rollability.

Versatile Application for Enhanced Mobility

Ideal for a wide range of uses, the Series AR wheels are designed to meet the demands of various environments, providing smooth, efficient mobility where you need it most.



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W/ Vulcalite Wheels