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Premium Office Chair Caster Sets & Kits for Effortless Mobility

Upgrade your office chair with our high-quality Caster Sets & Kits, designed for seamless mobility and floor protection. Our sets include durable, easy-to-install casters that enhance any office chair's maneuverability while safeguarding your floors from scratches and scuffs. Each kit contains everything you need for a quick setup, ensuring a perfect fit for various chair models. Experience a smoother, quieter glide with our reliable caster sets, tailored for both home and office environments.


  • Stem Type: 7/16" diameter x 7/8" long grip ring, industry standard for chairs, office chairs, and gaming chairs.
  • Set Composition: Each set includes 5 casters, the industry standard.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 500 lbs per set of 5 casters.
  • Wheel Options:
    • Non-Marking Polyurethane Wheels: Ideal for ease of mobility with a harder durometer for effortless rolling.
    • Non-Marking Soft Rubber Wheels: More floor protective, perfect for softer and more expensive floors like bamboo, requiring additional care.

Choose the right wheel type based on your floor type, mobility needs, and style preferences to enhance your chair's functionality and protect your flooring.



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CasterHQ proudly offers a diverse range of chair casters to suit various needs and preferences. Our selection includes Shepherd Pacer chair casters, known for their reliability and style. We also feature spherical ball casters for a unique, aesthetic touch, and standard hooded chair casters for traditional applications. For enhanced safety and control, explore our self-braking chair casters. Additionally, our Pacer swivel chair casters and sets with locking foot pedal brakes are highly sought-after for their functionality and variety. We offer these in multiple finishes like Windsor Antique, Satin Chrome, Chrome Plated, Flat Black, Space Gray Mirror Finish, Gloss Black, and more, catering to all styles and requirements.