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Hydraulic Lift Tables

CasterHQ offers three sizes within our Hydraulic Lift Table categories. We have a small compact folding hydraulic lift table that is made to move 330lbs and under, a medium duty lift table that can hold up to 1,100 lbs and a heavy duty lift table that can withstand up to 1,750 lbs. Companies use these in warehouses and commercial shops to prevent their employees from repetitive bending or back-straining work. This is great for ergonomics in the work place and adds a layer of safety and increased productivity. Portable Lift Tables are made to reduce back injuries and help prevent workers comp claims. We've seen these used in many industries and applications such as automotive, mechanic shops, garages, car shops, manufacturing plants, wood working, welding, and many more to hold and transport heavy parts with ease. If you are looking for a Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table that will not take up too much space, practical, with folding handles on the light and medium duty series for easy compact storage then look no further. Our Scissor Lift Tables are the highest quality mobile lift tables and well known in the industry. Known for our quality engineering and technologically advanced manufacturing capabilities we spared no expense manufacturing these quality scissor lift tables to last for years to come. Lift tables comes with polyurethane casters with 2 brakes in the rear for an easier locking ability. Hydraulic hand release to lower the table with ease and a quality hydraulic foot pump to lift the tables. Includes an overload bypass valve to protect the operator and pump. These lift tables go by many names such as mobile lift table, hydraulic lift table, scissor lift table, and portable lift table. Different names but only one quality Brand! Buy a lift table that will last from CasterHQ!

*** The Hydraulic Pump is very easy to access and maintenance ***

Features and Benefits of our Mobile Hydraulic Lift Tables:

  • Eliminates repetitive bending and lifting to prevent back injuries
  • Saves hours of labor and increases productivity
  • Rugged all-steel construction for dependable and durable safe use
  • Hydraulic Cylinders with chrome-plated rams for durability
  • Polyurethane casters with wheel locks on two swivel casters for safer handling
  • Over load by-pass valve protects operator and pump

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Hydraulic Lift Tables