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Bakery, Oven, & High-Temperature Casters

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Bakery, Oven, & High-Temperature Casters

High-Temperature Casters are commonly seen in Mobile Commercial Bakery Racks, Oven Racks, Bread Racks, Sheet Pan Racks, and Bun Pan Racks within the food service industry. Caster Headquarters manufacturers and stocks multiple high-temperature Caster and Wheel options to meet your specific application requirements. To select the right high-temperature caster you need to look at a few factors. The factors that you need to know before selecting the right caster would be the temperature ranges, amount of time exposed to heat, type of flooring, and whether these caster wheels are exposed to dry heat or wet environments such as steam cleaning. Once you have all of these requirements noted you will be ready to proceed with selecting the perfect caster for your high-temperature application. These Casters are great additions for adding or replacing casters on your bakery pan or bun pan racks that are used to bake goods inside industrial ovens. All of our High-Temperature Casters and Wheels are NSF Approved and listed for restaurant and food service. Our high-temp casters meet all requirements and safety specifications to ensure that you are using a safe caster and wheel while baking your consumable goods.

High Temp Phenolic Wheels and Casters are great for Dry Heat Environments but should not be exposed to water or moisture. Glass-Filled Nylon Wheels and Casters are great for Wet environments including steam cleaning and auto-clave but can also withstand dry heat. Green Epoxy wheels are great for both dry and wet but are mainly used and recommended for normal Oven and Bakery applications.

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