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Hand Truck Wheels & Tires

A hand truck, also known as a dolly, is a piece of mobile equipment that is pushed by hand and used to carry large or heavy objects. They are incredibly useful for transporting packages in tight narrow spaces and up stairs.They are also helpful for moving items that are too unwieldy to be carried by hand. Depending on their configuration, dollies usually rest with 2 or 4 wheels on the ground. These wheels can see a lot of use, especially in factories and the delivery industry. If you have a busted wheel or need a replacement hand truck wheel, then you have come to the right place.

Hand trucks typically have an industry-standard 5/8” inner diameter bearing size, meaning that replacement wheels and tires should be a direct universal fit. However, this isn’t always the case. We also provide 1/2" bearing size, 5/8", and 3/4" options to match any custom-made or non-industry-standard fit. We carry a variety of wheel types, including standard air-filled pneumatic tires, flat-free tires, and solid rubber tires on an industrial plastic core.

Pneumatic hand truck wheels provide a wider footprint to better distribute the weight, making it easier to roll over debris, sand, gravel, and grass. They are often considered a better option than flat-free or foam-filled hand truck tires if you are using them outdoors or in a busy setting where small debris is common. They also require little to no maintenance, saving you time and hassle. However, they have a slightly harder durometer wheel that will not absorb shock as well as an air-filled tire, meaning you might have more trouble rolling over sand and gravel with a pneumatic one.

At CasterHQ, you can save money when you buy quality replacement hand truck tires, and best of all, we ship in 1-2 business days guaranteed!Hand truck tires fit all major brand manufacturers including Harper, Wesco, B&P, Magliner, RWM, and the majority of all dollies, hand trucks, and equipment.Caster HQ offers a universal 5-Inch Hand Truck Caster that fits B&P, Harper, & Magliner!

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View our universal hand truck casters here.

8" Flat Free replacement:
Milwaukee, Magliner, Harper, RWM SN2, WH14, Wesco Z8

10" Flat Free replacement: Milwaukee, Magliner, Harper, WH60, B&P D2, RWM SN2,
Wesco Z2

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Foam Filled tires are much lighter in weight and have a nice wide footprint but if you leave weight sitting on flat free tires they tend to flat spot overnight but will expand back out as you roll them. Most people order our Solid Rubber wheels which are made out of recycled car tire rubber and are very eco-friendly.

Solid Rubber tires tend to absorb shock very well and also provide a smooth ergonomic ride while being able to roll over any
debris since they have a rubbery tread that tends to grip the ground much better and roll over obstacles with ease.

If you're looking for standard replacement hand truck tires or upgraded flat free tires we will match or beat any price online for the same model and manufactured brand tire on the market.