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Hamilton Aqualite Wheels - The Ultimate in Polyolefin Wheels

Hamilton Aqualite Wheels redefine the industry standard for "polyolefin" or "polypropylene" wheels. The Aqualite® series stands out with heavy-sectioned hubs and rims, meticulously designed for rigorous industrial use.

Unparalleled Composition & Resistance

Each Aqualite wheel is expertly injection molded using specialized polymers, resulting in:

  • Impact-Resistance: Rated at 75 Durometer on the Shore D scale.
  • Elemental Resilience: Resistant to water, brine, gasoline, oil, and most acids, chemicals, and solvents.

Superior Performance & Durability

Aqualite® material outperforms conventional hard rubber wheels by being:

  • Long-lasting: Exhibits top-tier resistance to wear.
  • Resilient: Significantly less susceptibility to cracking or chipping.

Additional Benefits

Aqualite® wheels offer cost-effectiveness along with non-marking and non-staining properties, making them an unmatched choice for various applications.

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