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Series E Ebonite and Flexonite Wheels: Durable & Versatile Solutions

Reliable Performance | 120 – 650 lbs Capacity Range

Optimal Utility and Durability

Our solid rubber wheels are crafted for general purpose use, offering both durability and versatility. Available in a capacity range of 120 – 650 lbs, they cater to a wide array of needs.

Ebonite Wheels: Resilient and Non-Marking

The Ebonite wheels, featuring shatter-resistant rubber, provide a robust one-piece construction. These non-marking and non-sparking wheels ensure smooth operation and are ideal for sustained loads without developing a 'set'.

Flexonite Wheels: Soft Tread for Quiet Operation

Flexonite wheels, with a soft rubber tread, are perfect for environments where noise reduction and floor protection are essential. The soft tread is permanently molded to a hard rubber core, making them suitable for light loads on rough surfaces.

Customization and Bearing Options

Choose between oiless sleeve bearings or straight roller bearings to suit your specific requirements, ensuring smooth and efficient wheel movement in various settings.



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W/ Ebonite Wheels