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Why is CasterHQ the best Caster and Wheel Supplier compared to other Caster Suppliers?

Caster Headquarters is known in the caster industry as the best caster and wheel company to work for and also buy from. What sets Caster Headquarters apart from the competition? We've been doing this long enough to understand the industry and where other caster companies lack. Caster HQ has a team of employees focused on R&D in Customer Retention and Customer Satisfaction. Below we will list the reasons why we are the fastest growing caster company 5 years running.

CasterHQ is growing at an alarming 150% organic growth rate year after year! Our companies growth speaks for itself. At this rate, we will be the largest online Caster and Wheel Supplier in the world in no time at all.
1. Caster Headquarters is the Leader in the Caster industry

What differentiates us from other caster suppliers is our knowledgeable and friendly Caster Experts! Our team of employees is all highly trained and shares a passion for casters. Our employees are either seasoned veterans that know the Caster industry, or our new hire employees attend an extensive training course known as Caster School. Caster School allows our team to learn about the manufacturing process, type of materials used in every part of a caster and wheel, wheel materials, and understanding product applications and how to recommend a caster and wheel. Our staff has weekly training and team meetings to discuss new products, engineering, understanding product characteristics and benefits, and new ways to be innovative while staying far ahead of the competition.

2. Caster HQ vs. the Competition

We pride ourselves in being the caster company that truly cares about your caster needs. All of our employees are highly trained to ask detailed questions regarding the application and better understand which caster and wheel would work best while improving ergonomics, reducing push / pull forces, rolling smoothly and quietly, and last the longest for your applications. We are not like other caster companies who only try and sell you the most expensive caster to make the most profit. We want to help you save money and get the best possible caster and wheel to keep you coming back. CasterHQ's goal is to treat every customer like family. We truly care about your needs, budget, and satisfaction. This is what separates us from the competition.

3. Inventory Supply & Fast Shipping

A large focus on running our business is having the best inventory and product control in the industry. This means we invest big money to keep all of our products stocked and ready to ship for months in advance to ensure we can ship every order we advertise the same business day or next day regardless of the order size. Whether you order 1 Caster or 10,000 Casters, we have the ability to assemble the casters and ship them out right away. Our vast product supply allows us to assemble over 400,000+ different product combinations allowing us to serve almost any caster and wheel requirements. We have a full machine shop where we can do custom welding, machining, and powder coating to customize any order exactly as requested. If you need a pink caster, we will get you a pink caster. We are only limited to your imagination. Our capabilities and turnaround time in the Caster and Wheel industry compare to no other caster distributor, manufacturer, or supplier in existence. We are innovative.

4. Full Engineering and Testing Facilities for any caster and wheel application

Caster Headquarters utilizes the highest technological testing facilities and equipment to perform tests on Casters and Wheels. The tests we perform daily include; Push-Pull tests to determine the required force to initiate and maintain rolling loads. Weight Capacity tests, both dynamic (rolling) and static (stationary). Impact and shock load tests, both dynamic and static. Material bonding, durometer (hardness), and color analysis match specific colors for custom wheel projects. Corrosion and salt spray tests to ensure the quality of our zinc coating and stainless steel casters. Temperature range tests for both hot and cold to determine parameters for different wheel materials and characteristics. We also offer many other tests that no other Caster company can perform. CasterHQ also has partners worldwide that can perform compatible tests to ensure test results are 100% accurate.

5. Nationwide Outside Sales Experts

If you need a Caster Expert to visit your facility, whether you are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Dealer, or small repair shop, we will be there. Our highly trained regional outside sales staff can set up a time to visit you and learn about your caster application. They will ask you many questions to understand the application and caster usage to make the perfect recommendation. Our outside caster experts have been in the industry most of their lives and are the most knowledgeable caster experts in the industry. We serve many large fortune 500 companies daily because we can work together with every customer. In fact, we have employees that attend weekly meetings at some of our larger clients' facilities to ensure our customers are only getting the highest customer service and product recommendations. Our latest project is moving equipment that weighs over 35 tons or 70,000 lbs. Our casters have been in use for 3 years and are still performing like the day they were installed. We train every customer to properly maintain the caster and wheel to give you the best service life out of your caste. We also teach our clients how to reduce liability claims and increase ergonomics and productivity within the workplace because work safety and liability prevention is the most important factor in any business. Every month, we teach safety classes in front of hundreds of employees to ensure our casters and wheels are used properly and safely to prevent injuries and worker comp claims.

6. Ability to adapt and grow

Caster Headquarter's strong ability to adapt and grow daily separates us from the competition. The caster world changes daily. We have daily, monthly, and yearly goals we set, and we make sure we achieve them all. If things change in the caster and wheel industry, we learn and adapt to ensure we can continue leading the future in the caster and wheel industry.

"Caster HQ - The Best Caster Company in the USA"