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W/ Aqualite Wheels

Series AZ Aqualite Polyolefin Wheels: Industrial Strength & Versatility

200 - 900 lbs Capacity Range | Impact-Resistant & Durable

High-Quality Aqualite Wheels for Tough Environments

Hamilton Aqualite Wheels, known for their durable polyolefin construction, are ideal for rigorous industrial service. Their heavy-sectioned hubs and rims set them apart, ensuring impact resistance (75 Durometer on Shore D), and immunity to water, gasoline, oils, and common acids.

Ideal for Sensitive and Demanding Applications

Perfect for environments like clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, these wheels exceed U.S.F.D.A. standards for direct food contact. They are also suitable for bakeries, laundries, and more, being nonmarking, nonstaining, and easy to clean with steam or detergents.

Advanced Technical Features for Optimal Performance

Aqualite Wheels are available with self-lubricating bores for maintenance-free operation in corrosive environments. Options include Delrin bearings or roller bearings for enhanced rollability, with larger sizes equipped with lube fittings. They function excellently in temperatures ranging from -20° to +140° F.

Designed for Efficiency and Easy Maintenance

These wheels feature industrial duty designs with smooth contours, avoiding dirt accumulation. Their zero water absorption quality ensures performance even when immersed, and light oiling of bearings enhances rollability.