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White Nylon Wheels - 7/16" Friction Ring Stem Casters

White Nylon Wheels are made for Wet and Corrosive environments where Water or Harsh Cleaning Chemicals including some mild acids are used. These wheels are very light but have a heavy load capacity due to the strength of white nylon. White Nylon Wheels are reinforced with glass fibers for added strength. Please select either a plain bore or a stainless bearing for applications that include steam cleaning, wash down, grease, oil, or exposure to blood, salt, or any type of solvents. We typically sell these to any type of laboratory applications as well as animal clinics. These are used in Surgical rooms as well during operations where chemicals and blood are commonly exposed. You can also find these types of wheels being used in Schools, Cafeterias, and many Food Service Industries, Medical Industry Carts, Hospitals, Labs, and Bakeries.

Need a socket that matches our grip ring stem casters? Multiple Socket Sizes to choose from.
7/16" Diameter by 1-3/8" Long Grip Ring Stem
Image shows dimensions only not to actual scale
3" X 1-1/4" FX Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheel - Swivel Caster - 7/16" x 1-3/8" Grip Ring Stem Caster - 225 LBS Load Capacity

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  • Solid wheel molded from nylon 6
  • Natural Organic nylon resin color
  • High impact resistance / strength
  • Excellent resistance to grease, oil, most chemical and cleaning solutions
  • Durometer: Shore D 75 (+/-5)
  • Temperature range: -40°F to 210°F



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