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Wheels and Casters for Lumber Carts

Official brand casters for retail chains like Home Depot, Lowes & more! P&H Casters - trusted by the best.

Looking for durable and reliable wheels and casters for your lumber cart? Look no further! Our selection of high-quality products is the perfect fit for retail giants like Home Depot and Lowe's. Our swivel casters with polyurethane wheels and replacement parts, such as axles and nuts, are designed to provide the ultimate level of traction and durability. Trust our authentic OEM replacement wheels and casters to ensure unbeatable quality and reliability, keeping your lumber cart always ready to roll. Find the best in durability and maneuverability with our top-quality products.

P&H Casters offers a complete product line for the home improvement retail market. Our material handling wheels and casters complement each other, as seen in this photo from a local Home Depot store. The caster combination on this lumber cart includes 4 X 6” swivel casters from our Polyurethane “2BY” family with 2 X 8” rigid casters from our die-cast TPU on steel group. This installation enhances the cart's maneuverability even when heavily loaded.

Note: Home Depot has updated their lumber cart design to include a steel plate drop extension in the middle. If you're using the newer model with the drop plate, make sure to measure the middle casters carefully as they now feature 6" diameter wheels instead of the previous 8" size. If you are using a Lowes lumber cart, you should be aware that they still use 6" wheels on the exterior of the cart and 8" wheels in the middle.



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