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V-Groove Wheels | Grooved Track Wheels

Track wheels are designed to fit a compatible track or rail system. They are often used to move heavy equipment such as containers or carts and are common in many industrial, manufacturing, and automotive settings. Fabricators often need to move heavy parts from one location to an assembly plant and these track wheels are perfectly designed to follow such pre-set paths. The unique design of a V-groove track wheel includes a 90° V-groove in the middle of the wheel and a flat tread on either side. This allows for transportation across both iron tracks and solid floors, meaning that these wheels are also capable of being taken off the track and functioning much like a regular wheel.

Typically, a V-groove wheel will follow an angled iron track along track rollers and is used in heavy-duty applications. That's why we provide caster wheels in a range of sizes and carrying capacities. Find grooved track wheels capable of transporting up to 7,000 lbs, or shop smaller sizes for lighter transport. These wheels are suitable for busy areas that require tightly controlled movement of large, heavy equipment along a predetermined path, including in foundries, manufacturing plants, and mines. CasterHQ specializes in grooved track wheels for a wide range of manufacturing and industrial needs.



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