V-Groove Wheels | Grooved Wheels

V-Groove Track Wheels have a 90° V-groove in the middle of the wheel and a flat tread on either side, allowing the user to move equipment on angle iron tracks and the floor if needed. Grooved Wheels, also known as Grooved Track Wheels, come in different materials, but the most common V Groove Track wheels are iron or ductile steel for heavy-duty applications. V Groove Wheels are seen in many industries. Still, one sector especially is automotive, RV, and Mobile Home manufacturing, where the fabricators need to move the heavy pieces from one end of the assembly plant to the following assembly location. Typically for these applications, many customers use a rigid or fixed caster with the v groove wheel for the caster to roll in a straight line. Groove Wheels are great for heavy-duty applications, especially assembly line applications for many large OEM companies such as manufacturing and fabrication. CasterHQ specializes in Grooved Track Wheels for angle iron tracks, pipes, and industrial manufacturing.

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