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Heavy Service Caster Series with Ultralast Wheels

Hamilton's Ultralast™ wheel – represents the highest performing urethane we’ve ever offered. The Ultralast™ wheel possesses “off the chart” performance characteristics— specifically in the areas of thermal retention and rollability. Heat buildup in polyurethane, due to high loads or continuous duty applications, is the most common cause for material breakdown over the life of the wheel. Ultralast™ polyurethane operates much cooler under load and at higher speeds compared to most other urethanes. The result is a simply superior dynamic performance and a longer service life.

Ultralast™ also represents the best rolling polyurethane wheel we’ve ever offered. For example, the urethane’s rebound test results, which can be a proxy for rollability, measures 110% higher than Duralast®, 60% higher than PolySoft® and 20% higher than Vulkollan®. So the combination of Ultralast™’s very low thermal retention and extremely high rollability characteristics results in an ultra high performance wheel that’s designed to outperform and outlast other polyurethanes in the marketplace.



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