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Introducing UltraGlide XC: Hamilton's Revolutionary Modular Wheel Design

Say hello to UltraGlide XC by Hamilton, a game-changing wheel technology that significantly reduces the energy needed to move loads. Achieve unprecedented efficiency and user-friendly experience with this state-of-the-art modular wheel design.

Why UltraGlide XC Stands Out

  • Independent Swivel Surfaces: The new UltraGlide XC comes with separate swivel surfaces, eliminating scrubbing and enabling easy turns.
  • Reduced Friction: Engineered with split outer raceways, the UltraGlide XC minimizes friction, providing not just a smooth start but also maintaining low force levels throughout its operation.

Transform Your Load Moving Experience

Merge innovative design and optimal functionality with Hamilton's UltraGlide XC. Experience a flawless transition in moving loads, setting a new industry standard.



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W/ UltraGlide XC Wheels