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Ultra Maxi-Duty | UMD Capacity up to 40,000 lbs.

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Series UMD Ultra Maxi-Duty Casters

Capacity Range: 17,000 – 40,000 lbs.

The Ultra Maxi-Duty with a load rating up to 40,000 lbs. per caster represents the highest capacity production caster series on the market today. Hamilton engineers started with a clean slate and built this series from the ground up with one task in mind: build the most durable 40,000 lbs. capacity caster possible! The series is designed and built for extremely heavy duty applications such as shipbuilding, military, aerospace, and moving any other immense loads.

The UMD’s swivel design consists of two massive precision thrust ball bearings and a third highly specialized four point contact bearing that provides easy swiveling under extreme loads. The series is offered in both single wheel and dual-wheel versions and all models are backed by Hamilton’s three year product warranty.

Quality Features & Specs

  • Swivel Construction 1” thick mounting plate and ¾” thick precision laser cut steel legs continuously welded both inside and out.
  • Kingpin Guaranteed-for-life 1 ½” dia. integrally formed with mounting plate, which won’t bend or break.
  • Main Load Bearing Two precision thrust ball bearings. The outer thrust bearing is 13” in diameter and boasts an impressive 234,000 lbs. load rating and the inner thrust bearing is 7” diameter rated at a comfortable 100,000 lbs.
  • Secondary Load Bearing A third highly specialized four point contact bearing supports the 1-1/2’ dia. integrally formed kingpin.
  • Axle Stress proof steel, 2" dia for casters equipped with Press-on Poly & Nylast, all forged steel has 1-1/2” dia. axle except 8" x 3" has 1-1/4".



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Ultra Maxi-Duty | UMD Capacity up to 40,000 lbs.