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What are the two types of casters?

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What are the two types of Casters?

There are two types of Casters; Swivel Casters and Rigid Casters, also known as Fixed Casters. Swivel Casters allow you to turn the caster 360° degrees. Fixed casters are for rolling in a straight line and do not swivel or rotate.

What is a Swivel Caster?

A Swivel Caster incorporates a fork that holds a wheel, but the fork is designed with a raceway directly below the mounting plate. The Raceway is composed of ball bearings in which allow the caster to swivel and rotate 360 degrees allowing your wheel to rotate and roll in any direction.

What is a Rigid Caster?
A Rigid Caster incorporates a fork that holds a wheel but does not contain a raceway like a swivel caster. A Rigid Caster is commonly referred to as a Fixed Caster, and its simply made to force your wheel to roll in a straight line. Many people will combine two swivel casters with two rigid casters to allow easy maneuverability while allowing easier control of the cart while rolling.
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