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Spinfinity Kinpinless Caster Series with TerraTech Ultra Wheels

The new TerraTech Ultra Press-On Wheels are Hamilton's answer to applications running up to 10 mph continuously (24/7) and carrying heavy loads up to 13,000 lbs. Two primary design features provide the continuous duty rating: 1) the face or running surface of the TerraTech Ultra tire is CNC-machined with only 0.015" total run-out providing our smoothest riding press-on and prolonged wheel work-life and 2) the TerraTech Ultra compound is formulated similar to our DuraGlide Wheels and represents our coolest running press-on wheel. The TerraTech Ultra is also your best choice of a polyurethane press-on wheel for outdoor applications.

To support the high speeds and provide greater rollability, engineers equipped the new TerraTech wheels with massive double-stacked maintenance-free precision ball bearings. Also, the extra-thick, extra-wide solid tires feature a bond to the rim that is guaranteed to never fail. The replaceable tire & steel rim are "pressed on" to a heavy duty 1045 steel core cnc-machined to tight tolerances.



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