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The Excellence of Stainless Steel Wheels by CasterHQ

In scenarios that demand resistance to corrosion, accommodate heavy-duty tasks, or require frequent washdowns, stainless steel wheels are the unmatched champions. Exclusively forged from Type 303 stainless steel, these wheels ensure both durability and versatility. Notably, they are also available in machined V-Grooved versions, enhancing selection based on application requirements.

Optimal for Harsh Environments

The Series S wheels redefine functionality, particularly in demanding conditions. Whether it's the perpetual dampness of food processing plants, the stern chemicals of chemical facilities, the sanitation standards of pharmaceutical industries, or even the ruggedness of animal cages, these wheels persist. Their meticulous construction and design label them an unparalleled choice for circumstances where most other wheels would capitulate.



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W/ Ergo-Tech Wheels